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status of buildds?


For the past week, mipsel has been chugging mightily and made huge
progress.  But s390 has slipped worse and worse, with only a single
machine building packages.  Meanwhile, arm made a brief, but valiant
attempt, but has been plummeting, and is now nearly down to 91%
built.  Joining the race to the bottom, is sparc, which has also been

For s390 and sparc, it appears that only one machine is in place
building these archs.

Meanwhile,  lists quite a few machines of those four archs.

For arm, we have debussy; for s390 we have raptor and trex; for mipsel
we hav vaughan, and for sparc we have vore.

vore is a buildd, but the other three four are essentially idle.

What would be necessary to leverage these processors and have them
building?  When there is one buildd, adding another *doubles* the
progress you can make!


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