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Re: Bug#299242: ITP: ha-prosper -- improved LaTeX class for writing transparencies

On Sun, 13 Mar 2005, Michael Prokop wrote:

I do know many people who are used to ha-prosper and haven't
switched to LaTeX-Beamer yet.
As I said - there is a compatibility mode - but I did not tested it yet.

ha-prosper needs less space than latex-beamer (not taking care of
dependencies but ratio should be equalent):

root@grml ~ # apt-cache show ha-prosper | grep Installed-Size
Installed-Size: 516
root@grml ~ # apt-cache show latex-beamer | grep Installed-Size
Installed-Size: 3364
Huh, what's this for an argument?????
I guess today we do not really have to care for this and as I said, the
bigger size has its reasons ...

And TeXciting might never be released, quoting Hendri - the author
of ha-prosper:

| I have reconsidered whether it will be possible
| to finish this project. Taking into account also
| the work that I'm doing on other packages and
| my involvement in LaTeX3, I conclude that it will
| unfortunately be very unlikely, that I will ever
| finish that project.

See his posting on ha-prosper-mailinglist for more details:
So this is no problem because we have latex-beamer.  BTW, I guess TeXciting
would have a similar size relation as you mentioned above and we would have
to keep ha-prosper anyway according to your reasoning.

So in my opinion it would be useful to provide a debian package of
In the end it is the business of people who are maintaining the package and
I really hope that they will do a good job in maintaining orphaned software.
So I can not keep you away from maintaining ha-prosper but my advise as
somebody who had thought about this on my own and knowing that you have
also to maintain a further package as dependency would be: Just have a
look at latex-beamer's compatibility mode and think twice about it if is
worth the effort.

Kind regards



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