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Re: Bug#299242: ITP: ha-prosper -- improved LaTeX class for writing transparencies

On Sun, 13 Mar 2005, Michael Prokop wrote:

I think replacing the prosper-package with ha-prosper wouldn't be
a good choice. I'd like to provide ha-prosper in a separate package
so when TeXciting is available there aren't any breakages with
Recently I investigated some time in LaTeX based presentation tools.
The consequence was:

  1. Prosper is nice but development tsopped since about 3 years.
  2. HA-prosper was kind of continuing the work of prosper.  It is
     more enhanced and I even builded some packages for my private
     use of it until I noticed latex-beamer (see below).  My impression
     was that while it is superior about prosper and should prosper
     replace regarding to this fact it is not really worth packaging
     because development is stalled as well because of the new
     TeXciting project.
  3. LaTeX-Beamer has compatibility modes for prosper and ha-prosper.
     It is much more feature complete and flexible than both above.
     There is absolutely no reson to investigate time into any
     *prosper package because LaTeX-Beamer is the package your
     really want.  For an example see
     I do not know anything about TeXciting and thus I can not compare
     but before crowding the archive with a package like ha-prosper
     try LaTeX-Beamer.

Kind regards



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