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Re: Do not make gratuitous source uploads just to provoke the buildds!

* Matthew Palmer (mpalmer@debian.org) [050313 23:50]:
> I think I slightly misunderstood the "ordering by section" bit -- I was
> assuming an alphabetical ordering by section.  So once base and libs have
> had their priority building, what's the ordering after that?  Alphabetical
> by section, or does it go straight into a alphabetical by package name?

It is a highly ordered list, more or less libs+base first, than devel, shells,
perl, python. After that graphics, admin, utils. Just to look at the
other side of the sorting order, at the end of the list is hamradio,
non-US and embedded. The large ones like gnome and kde are in the middle
of the list. Please see wanna-builds source for the full list.

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