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Re: automake/autoconf in build-dependencies


> However, if I left it to the source package to run autoconf by itself
> weach time it is build, it could slide into unbuildability _without me
> or anybody else noticing_ before it is too late and we have
> not-buildable-anymore code sitting around in the archive, and most
> likely even in testing.

IMO, it should be the other way around;
it will slide into unbuildability without anybody noticing if 
we don't auto-generate using autoconf and automake.
People do rebuild Debian packages regularly.

By autogenerating autoconf/automake data at build time
it is possible to ensure that users can edit configure.ac and
Makefile.am safely.

It will better serve users to notice autoconf/automake incompatibility
earlier than when trying to modify the source.

The current practice and trend is going the other way, 
but I strongly recommend for using autoconf/automake in build scripts.


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