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Re: Offer to take over the shadow package (passwd and login binary packages)

* Christian Perrier <bubulle@debian.org>:

> Since July 2004, I've got no news from Karl and any further attempt to
> get in touch with him has been unsuccessful. Even before this, it
> became quite obvious that the package is not very actively maintained.

Same goes for his xscreensaver package, which is in a pitiful state
> Karl is listed in the MIA lists and it becomes quite obvious that he
> is really MIA. I had exchanges with the MIA lists maintainers about this.

> I have announced in many places my intent to take over the package
> development, which I'm in fact doing since mid 2004 (with NMUs).

Would you also take over xscreensaver and maybe let me co-maintain it?

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