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Re: Is Anthony Fok <foka@debian.org> MIA?

於 日,2005-03-13 於 09:06 +0100,Jan Nieuwenhuizen 提到:
> Martin Michlmayr writes:
> > No, it's a private alias.
> Ok.  I hope Anthony is well.

Anthony is overloaded with lots of work from company and local
community, so very likely he won't be able to update debian lilypond
package... well, that's just what I heard from friends who know his
whereabouts, so if he speaks up this is definitely better. But if you
still hear nothing from him after some days, you can assume he agrees to
change in maintainership.


> >> We are a bit concerned with old LilyPond packages, and a potential
> >> new maintainer (Pedro Kroger) with his sponsor going mia.
> >
> > Who was going to sponsor him?
> I don't think Pedro told me that.  Pedro?
> Jan.
Abel Cheung <deaddog@deaddog.org>

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