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Re: debian/NEWS.Debian / apt-listchanges woes

On Saturday 12 March 2005 12:38 pm, Dirk Eddelbuettel wrote:
> | only has use if it's a transition package depending on the renamed
> | package. Since this isn't what r-gnome will be as far as I understand
> | you, you should simply stop building r-gnome from r-base. People
> | upgrading will notice r-gnome will be uninstalled (if dependencies force
> | that)
> Is that what will happen?  I tend to force tight Depends on the same
> version. So we'd upgrade from
>   2.0.1-4 for r-base-core and r-gnome
> to, say, at release time of R 2.1.0
>   2.1.0-1 for r-base-core with no r-gnome.
> Wouldn't that block r-base because no suitable r-gnome is found for it?

  As far as I can tell, r-base doesn't have any dependency or recommendation 
on r-gnome.  Maybe you mean that r-base will be prevented from upgrading 
because r-gnome requires the previous version -- you can deal with that 
situation by adding a Conflicts: r-gnome to r-base.  This gives you the same 
situation as before, but without a bogus empty package and with an up-front 
warning to the user that r-gnome is going away.


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