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Re: is xprint still used by mozilla, etc?

Torsten wrote:
> Why doesn't that option default to 600dpi anyway? Don't think there
> many people out there who can see the difference between 600 and 1200
> dpi...

It does default to 600dpi.

There are certain printers however which cannot handle data designed for their specific designated dpi.
If one of these printers is designed for 300dpi, and receives the default 600dpi data, it will take each
pixel and print them one by one, at 300dpi with the result that only one quarter of the image appears on 
the sheet of paper.  Likewise if one of these printers is 1200dpi, it will print each pixel as it receives
them, with the resulting "600dpi" image only taking up a quarter of the full sheet.

All the printers I've used personally have been able to adapt. Feed 300dpi data to a 600dpi printer, 
and the printer knows to lay down 4 dots of ink on paper for every one pixel in the data.  But not 
everyone's printer can do this, people have complained their printing does not work. The debconf
question is intended for them, saving them the trouble of reading the FAQ and digging into the config 
files to make the setting themselves by hand.


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