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Re: is xprint still used by mozilla, etc?

Around 12 o'clock on Mar 11, Drew Parsons wrote:

> Keith said Xprint is increasingly irrelevant, but I'm not aware how this
> language issue can be satisfactorily solved without Xprint.

Mozilla is currently integrating Pango support for complex text layout 
issues; using that for printing would be a logical step as it would 
support many more scripts than Mozilla does today, even with Xprint.

But, as of today, Mozilla does rely on Xprint for non-Latin printing, and 
so it does indeed remain a relevant part of Debian.

I am working hard to make sure the Debian desktop supports all of the
world's languages in an efficient and correct fashion.  I'm hoping to
provide a better solution than what is provided by Xprint today, but I also
acknowledge that Xprint is still useful in some environments and hence has
a place on some desktops for now.

It should be available, but it shouldn't be mandatory -- many of us print
quite happily from dozens of applications in many languages without the
benefit of Xprint on our machine; Mozilla remains an exceptional case in 
this regard, one which I hope changes in the future.


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