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is xprint still used by mozilla, etc?

Back history: I added xprt-xprintorg to the desktop task at the end of
January after receiving bug #226605 which stated that

  More and more applications like Firebird, Thunderbird, Mozilla, Java,
  Openoffice and more need it so the
  default Debian desktop and print server installations should provide it.

Also near the end of January, a new debconf question was added to
xprint-common, about printer DPI, for bug #280159.

The result is that we now have an additional debconf question added to
default high-priority desktop installs of Debian. Unfortunatly this
question is both quite long, as well as not being translated to many
languages due to only being added to the default install path

It is also yet another question in the default desktop install
path, which we have carefully tried to limit to only the questions one
really needs to answer. And it doesn't even make much sense if you don't
have a prointer. Oh yeah, it probably means people doing preseeded
automatic installs will need to add yet another question to their
preseeding; which means the installation manual is out of date, and will
need to be translated, etc.

Anyway, besides illistrating why new debconf questions can be pretty
painful to the installation team, I mostly wanted to ask: Is xprintorg
still needed to print from mozilla, openoffice, firefox, etc, or has
that been cleared up since january? Should I remove xprt-xprintorg from
the desktop task again?

I don't have a printer, so I find it hard to keep up with this kind of
thing. IIRC the last install I did on a system with a printer, 2 weeks
ago, worked without xprint, but I could be mistaken.

see shy jo

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