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Re: is xprint still used by mozilla, etc?

Around 14 o'clock on Mar 10, Joey Hess wrote:

> Back history: I added xprt-xprintorg to the desktop task at the end of
> January after receiving bug #226605 which stated that
>   More and more applications like Firebird, Thunderbird, Mozilla, Java,
>   Openoffice and more need it so the
>   default Debian desktop and print server installations should provide it.

I'm afraid Xprint is a political football; some people will say that more 
and more projects depends on it, and others (myself included) will say 
that it is decreasingly relevant.

As far as I understand it, neither Mozilla nor OpenOffice are built to 
require Xprint in the Debian packages.  Mozilla can be configured to use 
Xprint, and I believe it has additional capabilities not present in the 
bare postscript output mechanism.

I believe the depends and recommends mechanism is sufficient to ensure that
Xprint is available where necessary, and that we shouldn't burden the
desktop task with optional software which provides no direct user-visible


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