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Re: usbmount: udev script to automatically (un)mount USB mass storage devices: include in Debian?

also sprach Martin Dickopp <martin-deb@zero-based.org> [2005.03.07.2034 +0100]:
> In the course of the discussion I got the impression that this way
> of automatically (un)mounting USB devices was not percieved as
> a good idea.

Well, it can't be done... that's one thing. You can "remove
knowledge of the medium from the system once it has been pulled
out". You cannot unmount it because it will already be removed by
the time that udev or any other user-space/kernel-space tool learns
about this. This is a limitation of the USB port. The solution is to
mount it 'sync', then automatically unmounting could worl

> However, my package continued to remain useful for me despite the
> existence of pmount, mainly because I don't use a desktop
> environment. pmount develops its real power when used in
> combination with HAL. As a standalone application, pmount requires
> the user to know the filename of the device node, so IMHO it
> solves a different problem than my package.

You are using udev, so what's the big deal about having to know the
filename of the device node? Or is
/dev/little-green-usb-stick-with-red-flashing-light not good?

Also see #286695.

> So, the question is: Should usbmount be included in Debian?

Since you and Rafael deem it useful, I guess that it should. I am
not opposed to the package at all. I just think that there are other
ways to do it. But that's just me.

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