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Re: [SoftwareSuspend-devel] 2.1-final for

The users who will use software-suspend on non-laptops are even less.
How many of those are going to run 2.6.8?

> > The patch will not be included in Debian kernels, but will be used
> > by the user to build his own kernel. Which will likely be not pure
> > modular, but maybe just break swsusp.
> This is a problem anyone using the patch will face. And anyone using
> any patch faces this problem.

No. If the drivers get fixed in newer versions - and some are already,
I think - they will not have this problem. At least not to that

> Btw: can't the swsusp2 patch force USB module support? I see it with
> other kernel options. E.g. switching SCSI from y to m will
> automatically force all SCSI drivers to be m as well.

There is a dependency from the scsi drivers to the scsi core. You
don't have that with swsusp, so I fear it might not be possible. You
can only disable building of swsusp - or have an #error statement
maybe. But I'm not deep into kconfig, so maybe this is possible. But
it is kind of odd, changing options at a completely different place.

Well, since apparently it isn't much work for Nigel, have your way.
Hmm... I could be evil(tm)  and just file an important bug against
your package. Being incompatible with usb-built-into-kernel is
certainly that severe. Breaks unrelated stuff would be even higher (it
completely trashes my firewire apps!)

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