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Re: dehs will stop

On 02/28/2005 02:02 AM, Andrew Suffield wrote:
On Mon, Feb 28, 2005 at 01:35:40AM -0300, Lucas Wall wrote:

Now that you have this information, do you think dehs could be useful? Do others think something like dehs could be useful?

As a general tool? Maybe, but how is it better than uscan, which it

Probably dehs would not be a replacement to uscan. People don't even need to use uscan to track upstream. What dehs could offer is a consolidated source of information and a big picture. It can also be a source for information you don't directly handle or would be dispersed and hard to harvest around the net.

As a website? No, not really. It's slow and doesn't present any views
on the information that are particularly useful and it's completely
immune to shell scripting. A web interface would appear to be the
wrong way to do this.

Agreed. Maybe dehs could provide information in a more shell friendly way. The web pages could just be a pretty view, used for occasional checks or big pictures viewing.


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