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Re: dehs will stop

Scripsit Bluefuture <bluefuture@email.it>

>>If people don't care as much about this as you think they should,
>>perhaps it would be a good idea to try explaining why they *should*
>>care, instead of just lamenting their lack of a telepathic
>>understanding of your intentions?

> This is not true.

You are entitled to believe that the idea is not good. In that case,
I wish you the best of luck.

> I'm not a debian developer, so i could not post on dda mailing list.

How does not being a DD stop you from giving explanations elsewhere?

Your postings give me the impression that you have control of the
contents of dehs.alioth.d.o. Why do you not make that page link to an
introduction and explanation before you complain that people cannot
guess what would be there if you had bothered to write it?

> The only reply are:
> 1) Dehs is useless.
> 2) Submitting 6229 wishlist bug is not possible/is not the solution
> (without proposing alternatives method)

Now you have a third reply: Explain why people should care, and
someone might actually start caring.

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                                                       der er henna overalt"

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