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Re: dehs will stop

Scripsit Bluefuture <bluefuture@email.it>

> There is no reason to put more work and effort on a community tool that
> community itself consider useless.

The community might start considering it less useless if an
explanation of what it is supposed to be good for was actually
available. In particular, why should a maintainer care about watch
files if he uses something else than uscan to keep track of upstream

>From time to time, these little microthreads start on d-d where
somebody complains that so and so many packages do not have watch
files, but it seems always to be left entirely to the reader's
imagination to figure out why that is apparently a bad thing.
If I go to, say, <http://dehs.alioth.debian.org/> in search of
information, I find not a single word of purpose or rationale.

The only places I can see watch files mentioned in our general
"required reading" documentation (twice in NM-guide and once in
dev-ref), they are presented exclusively as a maintainer convenience

If people don't care as much about this as you think they should,
perhaps it would be a good idea to try explaining why they *should*
care, instead of just lamenting their lack of a telepathic
understanding of your intentions?

Henning Makholm                "Nu kommer han. Kan du ikke høre knallerten?"

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