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Re: dehs will stop

This one time, at band camp, Thomas Viehmann said:
> Hi Stefano,
> Bluefuture wrote:
> >I know that there are a little bit group of people that think that the
> >"old" use of watch file could be converted in a Qa tools, but actually
> >i'm the only one that is trying to find a solution that could fix that
> >lack of watch file. 
> >But without maintainers interest, the project still lack in an usable
> >status. 
> >There is no reason to put more work and effort on a community tool that
> >community itself consider useless.
> >I hope that something could change. But i don't belive it.
> I know that I thougt dehs per se not too useful, but the watch section 
> on qa.d.o has inspired me to write watch files for two of my packages. 
> Not much (2 out of 7), admittedly, but I think that it's fairly useful. 
> I think the experimental columns are overkill (as people packaging 
> experimental stuff probably monitor upstream releases even more closely).
> If 25% of the packages can be watched, hey, that's a fair share.

Just my 2 cents, but I agree - only two of my packages have useful (and
really, alive) upstreams, so they are the only ones with watch files.
That doesn't mean it's unhelpful though - it alerted me to a new hdparm
before I would otherwise have known.

Thanks for your efforts.
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