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Re: dehs will stop

Hi Stefano,

Bluefuture wrote:
I know that there are a little bit group of people that think that the
"old" use of watch file could be converted in a Qa tools, but actually
i'm the only one that is trying to find a solution that could fix that
lack of watch file. But without maintainers interest, the project still lack in an usable status. There is no reason to put more work and effort on a community tool that
community itself consider useless.
I hope that something could change. But i don't belive it.
I know that I thougt dehs per se not too useful, but the watch section on qa.d.o has inspired me to write watch files for two of my packages. Not much (2 out of 7), admittedly, but I think that it's fairly useful. I think the experimental columns are overkill (as people packaging experimental stuff probably monitor upstream releases even more closely).
If 25% of the packages can be watched, hey, that's a fair share.

Kind regards

Thomas Viehmann, http://thomas.viehmann.net/

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