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Re: Let's remove mips, mipsel, s390 ... [or have strict arch: control? ]

Rudy Godoy <rudy@kernel-panik.org> writes:

> Regarding this issue I was thinking about it since I've faced in a
> situation where a package[0] I maintain does have "high" hardware
> requirements, which led me to think if it is really wise to have it
> with "arch: any" since probably in some arches it would not ever be
> installed/used, or even if case it will run really slow or even crash
> and the user will not enjoy the software as was intended by upstream,
> so maybe it doesn't make sense to have this software sent to
> autobuilders and waste their resources/time for this, probably there
> are more software with the same kind of hw reqs. in Debian.

I think it's up to the buildd folks to decide a question like this.
They can add it to the buildd exceptions table and not build it or
request that you take an arch out of the arch list.

But I would rely on them to take the initiative.  It can be the right
thing to do, but I would be annoyed if I had such a machine, and the
maintainer of the package decided it "couldn't" work on mine when I
knew it actually could.


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