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Clanlib 0.7

  Hi all,

  This is just a note for anyone who's looking for a project.  I was just 
trying to compile some software, and it bombed out because I didn't have the 
right ClanLib version installed.  I looked into the matter a little, and 
found a nearly two-year-old bug (#188449) asking for the library to be 
updated to the latest version.

  For people not familiar with it, ClanLib is a moderately popular high-level 
game programming library used by a number of different games.  It has had a 
tendency to break API compatibility in the past, and it appears that the 
latest release is binary and source incompatible, so a lot of recent software 
is not compilable on Debian at all.  Because the incompatibility is two-way, 
anyone who packages this will have to make allowances for installing both 
versions at once.  Unofficial packages are available (see the bug), but will 
have to be reviewed for policy compliance and so on.

  And no, of course I don't have time to take care of this myself, or I'd have 
done it instead of posting a message here.  It would be great if someone 
could get this into sarge, though, or people will be getting frustrating 
compile errors on Debian systems (barring a sudden change in how we release) 
for years and years to come.


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