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Re: Bug#296279: ITP: tarp -- small script adding progress bar support for GNU tar

Eduard Bloch <edi@gmx.de> writes:

> #include <hallo.h>
> * Christoph Berg [Mon, Feb 21 2005, 04:46:14PM]:
>> Re: Eduard Bloch in <[🔎] 20050221152141.GC10432@zombie.inka.de>
>> > Agreed. However, I though about writting cp/mv versions that display
>> > progress bars and allow interactive "resuming" of copy operations. I
>> > think such things together with ptar could go into some kind of
>> > "interactive-command-line-tools" package.
>> rsync has progress bars, even when used locally. (for copying files,
> But it has some drawbacks:
>  - it always reads the target file (which slows down the process, even
>    if the user definitely knows that the previous transfer was not
>    corrupted, just interrupted)

-w doesn't but thats not continuing.

>  - it creates a second file which makes the beast fail when you don't
>    have enough free space for two copies

I was thinking about that quite a few times. rsync should have an
in-place mode. The extend of this could depend:

- all of the existing file has to match otherwise a copy is made
- parts of the existing file that don't match are moved (either to
their final position or to a temp file)

Another drawback of rsync: no support to copy device content
(i.e. backup /dev/hda to backup-server:disks/client-hda)


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