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Re: Bug#296279: ITP: tarp -- small script adding progress bar support for GNU tar

#include <hallo.h>
* Christoph Berg [Mon, Feb 21 2005, 04:46:14PM]:
> Re: Eduard Bloch in <[🔎] 20050221152141.GC10432@zombie.inka.de>
> > Agreed. However, I though about writting cp/mv versions that display
> > progress bars and allow interactive "resuming" of copy operations. I
> > think such things together with ptar could go into some kind of
> > "interactive-command-line-tools" package.
> rsync has progress bars, even when used locally. (for copying files,

But it has some drawbacks:
 - it always reads the target file (which slows down the process, even
   if the user definitely knows that the previous transfer was not
   corrupted, just interrupted)
 - it creates a second file which makes the beast fail when you don't
   have enough free space for two copies

> no idea about moving - there's a reason there are file managers out
> there like <ad>endeavour2</ad> etc.)

Hm. Just tried it for few minutes, it is nice, but sucks too:

 - does not use ARGV[1] as the start directory
 - does not use integrate our mime system well. Open with presents a
   stupid empty box. "see" is choosen as default viewer but the Open
   action does not open any file ("see" called manually works)
 - scroll wheel not working in the image viewer, no "next image" button
 - the background around the images is pink (
 - the breaks for "scanning directory" are a joke - no real user
   seriously wants to wait 30seconds for some tool to rescan a directory
   that has already been displayed.
 - multibyte (UTF-8) is broken
 - the "devices" overview says my / is not mounted
 - the delete buttons tells me crap about "Write protection beeing on".
   WTF? Apparently this "write protect" flag has been set, but not by

My diagnosis so far: nice GUI, it has a future, but there are bugs,
bugs, bugs.

Whatever, I was talking about console utils with a little bit more
verbosity and not a GUI with 

  die Kunst, so geschickt dagegen zu sein, daß man später dafür
  sein kann.

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