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Re: md5 checksum errors in several packages

John O'Sullivan <john@lincor.com> writes:

> Ben Armstrong wrote:
>>I question, then, the integrity of ftp.ie.debian.org or your own mirror.
>>Just checking one of my own packages, I obtained a copy from my local
>>mirror, and this is the result:
>> $ extract -H md5 xpilot-client-nosound_4.5.5beta.20031222-1_i386.deb
>> MD5 - 3cfe83e6a25995d17d568737c3c4b48e
>>This agrees with the md5 checksum reported by apt-cache show.  This also
>>agrees with the md5 checksum extracted from my local copy of this .deb
>>on my system used for the original upload, and the checksum as shown in
>>the .changes file.
>>p.s. Please continue to CC me on any replies relevant to my own
>>packages, as I am not subscribed to debian-devel at this time.
> Thank you Ben,
> I'll see if I can get the attention of someone at heanet to check this
> out. I'm quite worried now since I've been using this mirror for a
> long time.
> regards,
> johno

Check project/trace to see where they mirror from (if they support
trace) and go up the chain till you hit a mirror with the correct
file. That should be most helpfull.


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