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Re: md5 checksum errors in several packages


On Mon, 2005-02-21 at 15:24 +0000, John O'Sullivan wrote:
> My mirror is a copy of the mirror at heanet (ftp.ie.debian.org). I 
> have noticed incorrect checksums on 8 packages and I am posting the 
> details here in case this is a serious problem.

I question, then, the integrity of ftp.ie.debian.org or your own mirror.

Just checking one of my own packages, I obtained a copy from my local
mirror, and this is the result:

> package                           apt-cache show md5 report         
> extract -H md5 report
> xpilot-client-nosound             3cfe83e6a25995d17d568737c3c4b48e  
> 7686f00ee13ff34f314bb69c51b2e9a6

$ extract -H md5 xpilot-client-nosound_4.5.5beta.20031222-1_i386.deb 
MD5 - 3cfe83e6a25995d17d568737c3c4b48e

This agrees with the md5 checksum reported by apt-cache show.  This also
agrees with the md5 checksum extracted from my local copy of this .deb
on my system used for the original upload, and the checksum as shown in
the .changes file.

p.s. Please continue to CC me on any replies relevant to my own
packages, as I am not subscribed to debian-devel at this time.

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