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md5 checksum errors in several packages

Hi all,
I have a local mirror of sarge here at work for making custom install cds. My mirror is a copy of the mirror at heanet (ftp.ie.debian.org). I have noticed incorrect checksums on 8 packages and I am posting the details here in case this is a serious problem. Hopefully someone more knowledgeable than me can help to clear it up. I have listed the packages with the md5 reported by "apt-cache show" and the md5 reported by "extract -H md5"

package apt-cache show md5 report extract -H md5 report w-bassman_1.0-20_i386.deb aee0f950de62c57d516560270efd8e80 bd7e02f254bf869488fcf8c56a4d87c2 wmlongrun_0.3.0-pre1-3_i386.deb d2f33f7c93cb2be3c293e5bcb29028d3 80b72a6637022a948e7f2725183064a8
all xpilot packages are version _4.5.5beta.20031222-1_all.deb
xpilot cd04e8872fc9375e0b6506628c3f5836 5945b7d5a4d63b599fec69b3d72da473 xpilot-client-common 87bade342c8edc3d75c8e0ca1e8a2d8e c367036dfca3b881500b1dfe9a328cba xpilot-client-nas 8bc6be97109427a8b496949659d56dea bcd3bf92b10f75330ffcf5886be43ed5 xpilot-client-nosound 3cfe83e6a25995d17d568737c3c4b48e 7686f00ee13ff34f314bb69c51b2e9a6 xpilot-client-rplay ac7c4d380f0fd9e2e29fbf9ce8aeb8e6 e135be164ccfdeba78ec92d570389f18 xpilot-server ac360c2e263a07ee586976c1106c78db 8029601fcdfbcccba23ab179577263bc

cc'ing the package developers too.


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