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Re: debian-devel-changes question/request

Marek Habersack wrote:
>   It's just a simple question/request. Would it be possible to include
> custom headers in the messages sent to debian-devel-changes that would
> contain the package name, version and distribution, like so:
>   X-Debian-Package: foo
>   X-Debian-PackageVersion: 1.2.3-1
>   X-Debian-PackageDist: unstable
> Parts of the information can be parsed from the subject line, provided that
> the subject isn't munged by some anti-spam software, but I think it would be
> easier to automate processing of such mails wherever needed (yes, I need it
> for a small project of mine, that's why I'm asking :) - but I think it could
> be useful in general). Thoughts?

man formail
man procmail
man procmailrc
man procmailex

There's no need for it to be done for all subscribers.  You can do
this on your own.



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