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Re: First line in /etc/hosts


> > > Machines don't have IP numbers.  Interfaces have IP numbers.  Every machine
> > 
> > Actually, that's not quite the case (as a number of users of Linux's ARP
> > implementation have found), though it's a good approximation.
> Indeed. For Linux, nodes have IP *numbers* which are all equal, and you have
> to take great pains to make sure it behaves in any different way.  iproute2,
> arptables and the relative black magic of arp_filter are your only ways to
> try to influence that.  Usual route, ifconfig, etc are useless.

This portion is unclear to me; could you shed some light ?

Do you mean:

1. on linux there is a principal IP address that is assigned to a 
   node regardless of NIC due to the implementation of ARP etc.

2. on linux there is some magic IP *number* that is assigned to a 
   node; and IP addresses are assigned to individual NICs.
  -> if so, what is a IP number?


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