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Re: [installation-dev] OpenOffice2 on Debian

Drew Parsons wrote:
> Warnings:
> a) icons do not appear in the menus. They were appearing in 1.9.65,
> thanks to openofficeorg-redhat-menus, but changes since then have made
> them disappear again.  Can likely be fixed easily.

The menu rpms now use rpm trigger scripts to create a symlink from
/etc/openoffice.org-1.9 -> /opt/openoffice.org-1.9.74, since this seems
the only way to handle module de-selection appropriatly without making
the OOo rpms non-relocatable or creating non packaged files in post
install scripts.

I suspect trigger scripts are not handled by alien. However, I hope
we'll see native debian menu packages some day.


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