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Re: About valid and invalid user names

On Wed, 09 Feb 2005 09:51:18 +0100, Christophe Chisogne
<christophe@publicityweb.com> wrote:
>Marc Haber a écrit :
>> By default, adduser will verify the user against a configurable
>> regexp, default being the most conservative ^[a-z][a-z0-9\-]*$. The
>> --force-badname option will change the regexp to a hardcoded
>> ^[-\._A-Za-z0-9]*\$?$, allowing users to happily hang themselves.
>To use Samba as a windows (NT) PDC, you must create 'machine' accounts
>ending with '$', like 'appolo$'. In that case, the --force-badname
>is helpfull.

Which is why --force-badname allows trailing $.


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