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Re: [Ipw2100-devel] debian, ipw2200 and wlan0

Moin Oliver!
Oliver Kurth schrieb am Montag, den 07. Februar 2005:

> > > I'll encourage Debian kernel maintainers to make the adequate changes.
> > 
> > No, it's a totally arbitrary and pointless change.
> It isn't pointless, but it is certainly better to convince upstream and
> have a quasi standard. And I propose to use wlan%d for all WLAN devices,
> because it simplifies a lot. See my other mail for reasons.

It is pointless. As you stated before, the current state is pure chaos
and you do not do much to change it. Instead, you create another
unnecessary inconsistency with the upstream version/docs plus another
unnecessary file on user's harddisk (I assume you plan to put something
into modprobe.d directory).

The use case you imagine makes only sence if you have one wlan NIC
(integrated mini-PCI in _your_ case) and you always wish to have a
"uniq" name for it (eg. not messing with eth0..2, depending on what
loads first, eth NIC driver, eth1394 or the wlan driver).

But as distributor, we should choose a more general solution. You cannot
expect every user to have wlan NICs named after wlan%d, therefore we
should NOT rely on it at all. The "reliable" solution for getting the
wlan NIC id would be something like:

wlan=$(iwconfig 2>/dev/null | head -1 | grep ESS | cut -f1 -d' ')

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