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Re: [Ipw2100-devel] debian, ipw2200 and wlan0

Wichert Akkerman wrote:

And here I thought Debian was a distribution which did not needlessly
change upstream policies.

You are aware that a) that will mean all existing documentation on the
ipw2100 and ipw2200 drivers will not work for Debian users and b) that
when the drivers is merged into the mainline kernel people will no
longer use the seperate ipw2100/ipw2200 packages and suddenly have their
system break because the device will use its standard name again?


Maybe then you aren't aware of the fact that Debian releases their own kernel-patches? If you install kernel-source with apt-get, you get a Debian patched kernel. So they could change the kernel code in their kernel releases if needed. I like wlan?, it avoids confusion etc... But I think this discussion doesn't belongs to this list, so won't here me about this anymore.

Kind regards
Stijn Tintel

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