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Re: [Ipw2100-devel] debian, ipw2200 and wlan0

On Mon, 2005-02-07 at 18:45 +0000, Matthew Garrett wrote:
> Oliver Kurth <okurth@gmx.net> wrote:
> > Naming wired network eth%d and wireless wlan%d would make things a lot
> > easier. For example, it is easier to find out whether to start ifplugd
> > or waproamd when the interface is created.
> There's other (more resiliant) ways of doing that. In 2.6, wireless
> cards will have a directory called wireless under sys/class/net/foo.

I still use 2.4 as long as sound support for my cs46xx card is broken in
2.6. Also, I will still use 2.4 on embedded devices (yes, they use
pcmcia cards).

> > I dislike naming wireless interfaces eth%d, because I often plug in a
> > wired network card into my notebook at work, and a wireless card at
> > home. They would both get eth1, but I may want different
> > configurations.=20
> But really, that's a problem that should be solved in a more generic
> fashion. If I plug in two different wired cards, I'm probably doing so
> because they've been left in two different places, and so want two
> different configurations. But they'll both end up as eth2 anyway.

I use guessnet to find out where I am. But I will always start waproamd
for wlan, and ifplugd for wired network.

> It makes more sense to either bind configuration to specific cards
> (using the mac address, for instance), or different classes of card.

I know that there are other ways. But it makes things more complicated.
Complicated things break more easily. Why not leave it simple, and just
use an easy name scheme?


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