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Re: list what's in the NEW queue?

Frank Küster <frank@debian.org> writes:

> Bartosz Fenski aka fEnIo <fenio@debian.org> wrote:
>> Ok. So maybe ftp-masters shouldn't accept NEW packages, but accept new
>> binary packages (from existing source). This would allow me to close some
>> "unfortunatelly" non-critical bugs, and improve overall sarge quality.
>> I'm sure that I'm not the only one waiting for approval of splitted
>> packages. 
>> This way we're back to the NEW queue discussion and some automatic checks
>> for packages which only incorporate new binary ones.
> I thought about writing something like this myself. But I didn't,
> because the logical answer would be "check out
> http://cvs.debian.org/dak/?cvsroot=dak and start working", and I won't
> be able to do that...
> Regards, Frank

And it is a mess to configure the first time.

Someone was packaging DAK but hasn't gotten very far yet, esspecialy
handling configuring it. Check the ITPs and ML archive if you are


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