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Re: Debian mirror scripts

Am 30.01.2005 um 16:01 schrieb Thiemo Seufer:

Cajus Pollmeier wrote:

I'm looking for a script that regenerates Packages* and Release
files for a complete mirror. Due to some installer development, I
currently need to switch the mirrors during installation in order to
get up to date packages.

Tried to work around this with a simple script that merges my
packages into the local mirror and regenerates everything as
needed. But sadly this doesn't seem to be perfect :-( The installer
just doesn't want to get some of these packages, even if the md5's
are correct. Switching from http to ftp gets some more of them and
stucks some packages later. Grrr.

You might want to compare your script with the one for partial d-i
test mirrors, available from d-i SVN in trunk/scripts/testmirror.

Here's the result of some testing:

debpool:	is fine for new pools, but recreating the whole mirror with
		.deb and .udeb packages didn't work and I'm not the perl
		guy who's capable of fixing it.
dak:		too complicated for fire and forget
mirrorer:	not tested because alioth is still down
departialmirror: not a package, after resolving some dependencies,
		it actually did not do what I wanted.

Finally I fixed the quick'n dirty bash script. It lacks features like gpg
signing, SHA entries in Releases, etc., but for a local test mirror its
failrly enough ;-) If someone's interested, I can clean it up an put it

Thanks for your hints!


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