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Re: acpi vs apm

Matthew Garrett wrote:

> 1) Dealing with network interfaces and the like sensibly - at the
> moment, this will often require unloading and reloading modules pre/post
> suspend

Yup.  The hibernate package helps with this and can do quite a bit
automatically by way of a "blacklisted modules" mechanism plus
configuration options for bringing network interfaces up and down,
killing and restarting programmes, mounting and unmounting filesystems
and so on.

> 2) Working with video state. The vbetool package makes it possible to
> save and restore the graphics card state from userland, which tends to
> work much better than the kernel fudges. In the long run, either X or
> the framebuffer drivers need to get much better at programming the
> video.

Oooh, neat.  With vbetool my laptop doesn't need any kernel hacks to
resume properly and doesn't spit out as many worrying acpi warnings.
I'm about to write a hibernate scriptlet for doing this soon.



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