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Re: acpi vs apm

Matthew Garrett wrote:

> > So the questions goes: is this a shortcoming with the HP not being
> > properly supported with acpi, am I missing some command like "apm"
> > which is able to do what I want or is this simply acpi not really
> > having caught up with apm yet?
> acpi requires a fairly large amount of userland support. I've been doing
> a lot of work on this, and intend to push it back into Debian
> post-Sarge. It's not as simple as running something like acpi -s - nor
> will just echoing 3 into /proc/acpi/sleep work for many machines.

What kind of userland support do you see as being missing?  I use the
hibernate package for ACPI sleep and it works pretty well.  Most of
the problems that I've seen with ACPI have been kernel or BIOS issues
(e.g. the screen not being switched on when resuming unless you give
particular kernel options).



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