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Re: NM queue and groups [Was: NEW queue and ftp-master approval]

On Tue, Jan 25, 2005 at 10:52:48AM -0700, Joel Aelwyn wrote:
> [1] Which is a separate rant, and frankly, I think Debian needs to be
> clear about what we really mean by "We won't hide probles" in our Social
> Contract

It's a literal statement. We won't hide them. As always with the
social contract, do not attempt to assume the inverse is true. Just
because we won't hide them does not mean we're committed to going out
of our way to make them well-known and easy to understand. It is not a
commitment to some higher notion of transparency, but rather merely to
avoid *obstructing* transparency.

Complaining that you didn't know what the issues with the NM process
were is precisely equivalent to complaining that you didn't know about
some random bug which nobody had filed. Nobody was hiding anything,
it's just that nobody bothered to document the problem; they're very
different things.

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