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Re: policy-rc.d confusion (was: not starting packages at boot)

On Tue, 25 Jan 2005, Marc Haber wrote:
> So policy-rc.d needs to be in /usr/local, or we have a FHS violation.

Please request that we enhance invoke-rc.d to look on /usr/local first,
then (through a wishlist bug).  Looks like a good idea at first glance.

> Additionally, the requirement of going through the alternatives system
> for policy-rc.d selection is somewhat mis-placed, because it suggests
> to me that policy-rc.d is meant to come in via package as well.

It is.  As Debian infrastructure, it has to be very packaging-friendly.

> Can somebody please enlighten me?

Yes.  Nobody wrote-AND-packaged a general use policy-rc.d yet, but work is
being done in that area.  Stuff like pbuilder already uses it inside the
chroots.  It is meant to be packaged.  Running /usr/local/sbin/policy-rc.d
might be quite the wortwhile addition to invoke-rc.d

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