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Re: apply to NM? ha!

On Mon, 24 Jan 2005, Brett Parker wrote:
> Please please *PLEASE* tell me that people like this get through NM... I
>                       ^ don't
> don't think I could cope with it. Looking at the IRC log, I'm not
> entirely sure what the problem is.

So far, the NM process (actually, our old DAM) managed to keep at least one
individual that was otherwise technically qualified, BUT who proved to be
too disruptive to the project, to be allowed in.

He just asked for five people to OK the guy (*any* five people from the 900
or so developers).  And there weren't five people willing to do it.

If that person shows up again, and behaves, chances are he will get the five
OKs he need this time around.  Eventually.

Some that do get in may be assholes, but not to a level to make things
unmanageable IMHO.  Still, being rude to users on *user* channels is an
absolute no-no.  I am not a fan of the rudeness in the developer channels,
but this is one of those small details you learn to ignore given enough

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