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Re: ${lib}-dev, .pc and pkg-config


Am Freitag, 21. Januar 2005 12:08 schrieb Artur R. Czechowski:

> pkg-config. It gives standarized interface[1] for getting compiler and

> linker flags. What is your recomendation for adding a .pc files in -dev

> package? What is your recomendation for using pkg-config in packages

> dependend on specific -dev package?

> Should be a .pc file provided in any case? Or only when library required

> additional -I or -L flags for compiling/linking?

I would add it neverthless. For example, when I write the configure checks for using system libs in OOo I simply use PKG_CHECK_MODULES(...) if it's there. Not packaging the .pc if it exists upstream would break them.

If upstream hasn't one, well, if there's no -I and -L needed I don't see the point but when theer is either of them needed I would create one if there isn't already one or the old-style foo-config's...





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