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Re: xfce-goodies - help needed; Rudy Godoy MIA?

* [ 19-01-05 - 15:57 ] Rudy Godoy <rudy@kernel-panik.org> wrote: 
>  El d?a 18/01/2005 a 12:53 Emanuele Rocca escribio ...
>  > WNPP bugs for some of the -goodies need to be retitled from O: to ITP:.
>  They wouldn't be ITA?


>  > I found the time to check -battery-plugin and -clipman-plugin, and I 
>  > must admit that they're not in a good shape (ITP bugs not closed in the
>  > changelog, bugs marked as fixed are actually still reproducible, lintian
>  > is not happy)...
>  I don't see any ITP bugs on those both. 

#245114 and  #245115, against WNPP.

>  > Why is the Debian Xfce Packages Alioth project dead? [0]
>  > IMHO putting these packages under collaborative maintenance would be a
>  > better idea.
>  Yes, I agree on this. In fact I remember asking for some "review" from
>  other Xfce maintainers before upload/ask for sponsorship.

Andrew Law kindly added us to the Alioth project, we can start working
there; I also asked him to create a public mailing list.


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