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Re: Bug#271567: Can you disables the "locking" of the keyboard, mouse, ...


Em Ter, 2005-01-18 às 22:34 +0100, Osamu Aoki escreveu:
> First add these extra long options to "struct option long_opts[] = { ..."
> Then right before calling "gtk_init (&newargc, &newargv);" you source

I see your point (even more after reading your other post), but I think
messing up with argv is evil. I would also like to keep things codes
separated, as I don't think providing every long option on the config
file is useful, and some options should only be in the config file, like

> > >  * All /etc/gksu.conf entries to match gnu-long-options of gksu command-line
> > >  * add new long-option: --force-grab
> > 
> > Why add this? I don't see a reason.
> Without this, once account is compromised, it is easy to mkodify user
> menu to --allow-grab and you may unknowlingly run gksu while other
> process watching the keystroke of root password.  By preventing it
> forcebly, it gives extra thin layer of protection.


> This is for a system user should not even try to run program with gksu.
> Since menu will present these program such as synaptic, people expect
> something to happen by entring password.  We may give them a chance to
> break it by chance (root password may be easy one to guess.).  Why not
> just tell "You are not allowed tun this program."  This is more for
> administerd host.  Totally wishlist item you canm ignore this time.

Will ignore for now, then.

> * add new long-option: --prompt (prompt before locking I/O)
> only is fine with me.

I understand that the user might want to override the admin setting of
--prompt, so I added optional arguments for --disable-grab, --prompt and
--sudo-mode, so the user can do --prompt=no in case the admin added
"prompt = yes" to the config file.

> Prompting is ugly hack but certainly avoid it without Depends on
> libgnomeui.  If you find a good alternative, I will be happy with that too.

I'll keep trying, but prompt is there for now.

> > $ cat /etc/gksu.conf
> > # isso é um comentário
> > disable-grab = yes # isso é outro comentário
> > # mais comentário
> That is pt-br.  Although pt-br may be 2nd most spoken foreign language
> in Japan, I do not understand :-(  (I used to hear quite a bit of pt-br
> in the shopping center in suburban Nagoya when I was living in Japan.)


those were simply to test comments were being ignored and not destroying
the real options parsin... it basically says:

# this is a comment
disable-grab = yes # this is another comment
# more comment

I've made a new patch I'd like you to try out:


I hope I'll be uploading by the end of the week, after polishing this
whole thing up. Time is scarse, but I'm moving forward.


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