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Re: Bug#271567: Can you disables the "locking" of the keyboard, mouse, ...

On Thu, Jan 13, 2005 at 11:26:04AM -0200, Gustavo Noronha Silva wrote:
> Em Qui, 2005-01-13 às 10:42 +0100, Javier Fernández-Sanguino Peña
> escreveu:
> > Better solution:
> > - Have gksu source a /etc/gksu.conf file directly
> I can hack gksu to read the file.

I think we now have a winer idea here.

I also look at code too and found:
 * gksu and gksudo is just a same program with different invocation
 * Parsing of GNU long-option and /etc/gksu.conf may share codes.

So may I ask to implement /etc/gksu.conf.  When implementing this to
/etc/gksu.conf, please consider adding following features together:

 * All /etc/gksu.conf entries to match gnu-long-options of gksu command-line
 * add new long-option: --force-grab
 * add new long-option: --sudo-mode (Start it with gksudo mode)
 * add new long-option: --limit-uid=UID1:UID2:UID3:...
 * add new long-option: --limit-gid=GID1:GID2:GID3:...
 * add new long-option: --prompt (prompt before locking I/O)
 * add new long-option: --no-prompt (do not prompt before locking I/O: default)

I think the setting in /etc/gksu.conf should have priority over
command-line so super user controls this command's behavior.  Gksu
should check the owner and permission of /etc/gksu.conf being root:root
644 or less.  Those limit-uid and limit-gid are meant to be additional
safeguard for GUI-su (over PAM etc).  I think if a user is not allowed
to use this facility, gksu should display a short message indicating
situation to X.  So people will know they can not use it.  Prompting is
simple trick to prevent freeze for start-up situation.  This is not
fancy trick which works for Gnome or KDE.  Just provide prompt screen
before locking I/O.

sudo-made will let me type only user password using gksudo mode for
synaptic :-) (Or no password, if I chose to set it so.)

Then you can close all the bugs I listed in the previous mail and no one
will complain.  We will add hints to README.Debian for SCIM.


PS: I browsed your code to find gksudo binary being the same hardlink as
gksu except filename.  Please also link gksudo.1 to manpage :-)

PS2: Interesting su-to-root story

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