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Re: Bug#271567: Can you disables the "locking" of the keyboard, mouse, ...

Em Qui, 2005-01-13 às 19:12 +0100, Osamu Aoki escreveu:
> I also look at code too and found:
>  * gksu and gksudo is just a same program with different invocation
>    name.

That's already true now.

>  * Parsing of GNU long-option and /etc/gksu.conf may share codes.

I don't know what you mean, maybe I'm doing some dumb thing on my patch,
but I don't think how to completely share code here.

>  * All /etc/gksu.conf entries to match gnu-long-options of gksu command-line
>  * add new long-option: --force-grab

Why add this? I don't see a reason.

>  * add new long-option: --sudo-mode (Start it with gksudo mode)


>  * add new long-option: --limit-uid=UID1:UID2:UID3:...
>  * add new long-option: --limit-gid=GID1:GID2:GID3:...

If we add this, then we really need to have the gksu.conf have priority
over user-options, or this simply should not be a long option at all,
because gksu has no suid parts, so a user can simply build a costumized
version which will ignore this. I don't see a real point.

>  * add new long-option: --prompt (prompt before locking I/O)
>  * add new long-option: --no-prompt (do not prompt before locking I/O: default)

Then we only need one of these.

> I think the setting in /etc/gksu.conf should have priority over
> command-line so super user controls this command's behavior.  Gksu

As I explained above, I don't see a reason for this to be like this. I
think it should contain defaults, not mandatory options.

> simple trick to prevent freeze for start-up situation.  This is not
> fancy trick which works for Gnome or KDE.  Just provide prompt screen
> before locking I/O.

That's a solution, but I would still love to find out how to play with
session stuff without adding a Depends on libgnomeui.

> Then you can close all the bugs I listed in the previous mail and no one
> will complain.  We will add hints to README.Debian for SCIM.


> PS: I browsed your code to find gksudo binary being the same hardlink as
> gksu except filename.  Please also link gksudo.1 to manpage :-)

Yeah, have to document gksudo again =/.

I've made a simple patch, a first implementation for this whole that
still needs to be polished a lot. Would you mind to apply it, test it
and criticize it? Here:


It worked alright with a simple test config file:

$ cat /etc/gksu.conf
# isso é um comentário
disable-grab = yes # isso é outro comentário
# mais comentário


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