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Re: Proper way to remove a package from both sarge and sid

Scripsit Tollef Fog Heen <tfheen@err.no>
> * Frederik Dannemare 

> | Package in question is mozilla-firefox-locale-da which is to be replaced 
> | by mozilla-firefox-locale-da-dk (not maintained by me) from source 
> | package mozilla-firefox-locale-all. 

> AFAIK, Danish is not spoken anywhere but in Denmark.   Why do you want
> a m-f-l-da-dk rather than just a m-f-l-da ?

Hey, I speak Danish and I'm in Scotland.  But seriously, I can see
benefits of sticking to a common convention for naming localization
packages; for example that might make it easier later to add some
front end that would automatically add "all localization packages for
the current locale where I have the underlying software installed".

Henning Makholm                        "Ligger Öresund stadig i Middelfart?"

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