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Re: PHP application packaging policy/best practice?

> > /usr/share/appname/php
> I go with /usr/share/appname/www to signify that is the web-root of
> my install.  Some (redhat-infected people, I guess) use
> appname/htdocs.
> > /usr/share/appname/lib
> That'd work, or if you're interested in making it a more useful
> library, you could put it in /usr/share/php/<app-or-library-name>,
> where everyone can easily use it (with the added bonus that then you
> don't have to f**k with the include_path in all your apps or php.ini
> to make your library easily includable...)
> > /var/lib/appname
> That's where my datafiles go.  /var/lib/phpwiki being the primary
> offender.

you were too quick for mee.

one comment though, for /usr/share/php/<app-or-library-name> :

it's _quite_ true that you don't need to play with include_path.
your library has to know it's installed 
into /usr/share/php/<app-or-library-name> and either :
 * use some __FILE__ magic in its requires/includes
 * already use requires on <app-or-library-name>/*php files

And I assume a lots of intern libraries are do not know how to do that. 
even some that ARE packaged into /usr/share/php/<app-or-library-name>

IMHO, the ability to be used with only /usr/share/php in the 
include_path is sth you MUST have before putting anything in a subdir 
of /usr/share/php

for the rest I do agree 100% with you :)
·O·  Pierre Habouzit
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