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Bug #267273: cdrecord and 2.6.x bug possibly fixed

I just upgraded to cdrecord version 2.01+01a01-2.[1] 
I found that with permissions -rwsr-xr-- on /usr/bin/cdrecord [2] that
I was able to record a CD without having to become root first using
dev=/dev/hdc and kernel 2.6.10 [3].

Do any others still have problems burning CD's as non-root with
kernels >= 2.6.8 or shall I close the bug?

[1] Straight from the archive. I did not applying redhat's patch in
    debian bug #267273, and it does not appear to have been applied by
    the maintainer.
[2] I don't recall whether these permissions are default for cdrecord,
    so I'm mentioning them here to make sure 
[3] Compiled from the vanilla kernel.org sources.

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