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Re: New stable version after Sarge

* "Marcelo E. Magallon" 

|  Are you thinking of say, the installer? I certainly *hope* that the
|  installer is going to stay in the current status for at least another
|  release!  Another "whoos, let us restart from scratch" won't be
|  welcome by anyone.  And my hope is based on the fact that the new
|  installer is *good* (instead of just adequate, like b-f).
|  Or is it the next big thing going on with the archive?
|  We don't have to go from X.0 to (X+1).0 in 6 months.  It's perfectly ok
|  to go from X.0 to X.1.

Since you're mentioning X: we might want to move to X.org after
sarge.  That'll probably take a little time to work itself out.  We'll
lose apache 1.3 and switch to apache 2.x, that might take a little
time.  PostgreSQL 8 would be nice.  PHP5, possibly.  I would be
surprised if we didn't move to Python 2.4 (or 2.5 or whatever the
current version is then).

A lot of those applications doesn't necessarily take a long time by
themselves, but together, they form a large, complex OS which takes
time to stabilize.

|  Ok, 6 months may be too fast for some people (and I still want to know
|  about concrete examples where this is true and why), how about 9
|  months?

I work at something between an online publisher and an ISP -- we
develop our own solutions and aren't really interested in what is «at
the bottom».  It's a fairly standard LAMP setup and we want it to be
stable.  Having to upgrade twice a year would take up significant
resources and certainly not be something we're interested in.  Nine
months would be a bit too much, twelve to eighteen months would be
nice, probably closer to twelve than eighteen.

(This is just intended as one example where six months would be too
frequent releases, but 30-odd, which we're looking at for Sarge, is
too much.)

On the other hand -- we need to decide whether we want time-based
releases.  Other projects have had great successes with them, but they
might not be right for Debian.

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