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Re: New stable version after Sarge

Paul van der Vlis wrote:
> Hello,
> One of the biggest disadvantages of Debian for me is the long time it 
> takes for a new stable version.
> What about saying something like: the next stable release comes in the 
> beginning of 2006?

The release date for a Debian release is not set by a calendar but by
quality.  At least that's been the case including sarge.  Hence, such
a sentence would not mean anything.

> I can understand something like "Debian releases when it's ready", but 
> many people have to work together. Maybe it's better to say: "a package 
> releases when it's ready, but the deadline for the next Debian release 
> is a fixed date".

What if the installer is broken at that time?
What if the buildd network is busted at that time?
What if n library transitions are in progress at that time?
What if our archive suite lacks an important improvement which
   is a requirement for being able to maintain the new stable

Sure, you could still release, but would you really like to have
such a release?

> You will understand that my most important point is security-support.

Oh I forgot:

What if security support for a new release cannot be guaranteed at
   that time?



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